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Paul Osgood26 Feb - 15:36
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**Official Club Statement**

Due to recent comments made on social media. Ashford United Football club feels that it is only right that we make the following statement.

As an organisation dedicated to fostering inclusion and equality, Ashford United underscores its commitment to transparency and adherence to established guidelines for all teams and individuals utilising our facilities or representing the club.

The enforcement of footwear regulations aligns with FA pitch certification standards, prioritising the safety of all participants.
While acknowledging potential short notice regarding notifications, adherence to these national rules remains non-negotiable for the club.
We had received numerous complaints regarding incorrect footwear, and team coaches have been duly informed and asked to ensure compliance among their players.

Admittedly, the notification regarding proper footwear for the new surface may have been provided with short notice, and we extend our apologies for any inconvenience caused. However, this requirement applies uniformly to all teams and coaches. Player safety is paramount, and the club staunchly upholds these national rules.

A photo was produced of a mentioned adult player allegedly wearing wrong footwear during a match.
It was inspected and confirmed that the mentioned player was wearing hybrid boots, which fall in to our guidelines.
As of yet, the club hasn’t received any other complaints. Any complaints will be duly looked in to and dealt with appropriately.

Regarding the presence of two young individuals on the side of the pitch, it is imperative for the maintenance and safety of our facilities that all individuals adhere to regulations regarding proper footwear and pitch usage.
These individuals are not insured to play unsupervised on the pitch. While addressing this issue, our staff, who are fully DBS checked, encountered challenges in maintaining mutual respect and understanding with parents and coaches alike. We emphasise the importance of respect for our pitch, rules, guidelines, and equipment among all players and parents.

Regarding recent comments concerning the club's handling of funds from the Tesco Blue coin scheme.
We affirm that these funds, all £1,125, and not £1,500 as suggested, were allocated towards kits that were needed for the disability teams.
VAT was not initially included in the cost of adult kits, and with the arrival of more players, it was the disability management’s choice/suggestion that money was used to subsidise these expenses.
All monies raised by any team for kits or equipment, will go back in to the team.
The club is yet to receive any formal complaints from any team of any wrongdoing and the handling of their funds.

Regarding the storage of equipment, the club faces logistical constraints and aims to provide equitable solutions for all teams.
Plans for a new changing block and storage facilities are underway to ensure fairness and accessibility for all teams.

In light of the organisational commitment to fairness and equal treatment, the decision not to partially subsidise a seven-thousand-pound end-of-season trip reflects the club's dedication to equitable resource allocation across all teams.
A funding grant was requested and refused by governing bodies outside of the club.
Grant’s of this nature are only awarded for things such as: pitch maintenance, equipment, goals, nets etc

Moving forward, Ashford United remains steadfast in fostering an environment of inclusivity, respect, and adherence to established guidelines for the betterment of all involved parties.

There will be no further statement made on any of the above grievances.

Due to the complexity of the issue surrounding players monthly subs. We feel it is of best interest to discuss this with the parents of the disability players who feel there is any wrong doing.

Therefore, Ashford United Football club has reached out to some parents and invited them along to Homelands for an informal discussion on their grievances and the opportunity for both parties to find equal ground.

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