Meet the Team - Jordan Price

Meet the Team - Jordan Price

By Benn Phillips
4 November
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Ashford United 3rd's Midfielder Jordan Price give us his view on the season so far and gives us his prediction on this season!!

Name - Jordan Price

Age - 20

Nickname - Pricey

Previous Clubs?

Charlton Athletic /Arsenal Academy and Ashford United.

Best player played with?

It is hard to say who the best player I’ve played with as I’ve only been at one club and played games here and there. A player I’ve played with a few times is Brad Freund, he just scores goals for fun, no matter on the league.

At Ashford United I have played with a few decent players, Jordan Boorer, Rhys Hodges, Sam Wood & Sean Corps and the list could go on!

Best player played against?

I remember playing against Luke Burdon before and some of the skills he was doing he was making the game look far too easy.

How do you feel the start of the 2019/20 season has started?

Our season had started really well, we have had a few ups and recently a few downs but I can only see positives and how we are going to move up from here!

3rds League Prediction for this season?

I predict for this season at least one piece of silverware, no matter where it comes from!

You are well known within the 3rds side for being injured, How many months of this season are you going to be sidelined through injury?

Well, with my waffer ankles I’m expecting many more to come but in all honestly I’m hoping this is the last of them for a while and I am fully fit for the rest of the season!

Personal Target for 2019/20 season?

My personal target is to get more then 10 goals this season, the past 2 seasons I’ve scored 10 twice and from a wide position I’d like a few more.

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